Two Raw Sisters Margo and Rosa are best-selling authors and incredible cooks. Their mission is to inspire, motivate and educate people on the benefits of plant-based eating and create healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyles.

Their focus on seasonal plant base food is a perfect fit with the Retreat's cuisine and food values.  Their recipes are cost effective, time efficient, easy, sustainable and will nourish, fuel and power your busy body to succeed and remain healthy and happy. At the event they will give an insights that will help you create a new purpose, revitalise your life and become inspired again. Have a laugh and begin a new chapter. Food is fun, exciting and delicious with us, everybody’s body is different so embrace that. Life would be boring if we were all the same. 

By ‘raw’ they mean another word for whole-foods, using as minimally processed foods as possible. They focus on minimising the use of nuts, seeds and superfoods, instead using seasonal produce. In turn, making plant-based eating a cost effective, time efficient, easy way of living.

More information on the Two Raw Sisters website

Includes: glass of juice on arrival, cooking demonstration by the two raw chefs followed by 2 course lunch   


Sunday 13 September 2020 

Cooking demonstration with the the 2 Raw Sisters.

Lunch prepared by Margo and Rosa and the Retreat chefs 

Margo and Rosa's latest book will be available for purchase on the night or from the Twizel Bookshop.