COVID-19 Safety

The Retreat offers accommodation in three self-contained private villas, which enables us to provide a welcoming and comfortable stay in a healthy and secure environment.

We recognise the added concern around travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. New Zealand has specific alert levels which require different health and safety procedures at each level. At each level, the Retreat has adopted the practice guidelines set by the NZ Ministry of Health to manage and minimise the risk of virus spread.

The latest guidance from the Ministry can be viewed here:

Our commitment to the management and minimisation of COVID-19:

  • Our villas and public spaces are carefully sanitised between guest stays and events at the Retreat.
  • We provide staff and guests with information on how to observe good hygiene practises.
  • We follow protocols defined at each COVID-19 alert level and we request guests and visitors to the Retreat also do this. (e.g. social distancing, mask wearing or reporting illness)
  • COVID-19 awareness messages are visible throughout the Retreat including the Retreat’s COVID-19 QR code for scanning and reporting in the tracer app.
  • We support guest and visitors to the Retreat to manage their own safety by providing sanitiser in the villas and public spaces and encouraging the use of the COVID-19 tracer app by scanning our QR code.

We will manage any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases in line with recommendations from the NZ Ministry of Health including:

Guidance on cleaning:

Contacting the Healthline team (for free) on 0800 358 5453 or +64 9 358 5453 for international SIMS.

To manage risk and prevent contamination of food, the Retreat has a current Food Control Plan audited by the Mackenzie District Council.

Our standard practices are reviewed and discussed with our team when there is a change to guidance, regulations or alert level and briefings and written instructions are provided for employees that include protective measures against the virus and how to minimise its spread.